We solve problems that others consider unsolvable for the common good.

We are the pioneer of the "Edified Capitalist Organization®," structured exclusively for skilled and educated individuals ready to secede from the old way of thinking. Our passion is to train and support only the dedicated professional teams who treat each other as edified capitalists and interested in conceiving a new business organization structured to cultivate an environment of genuine trust among members for creativity, determination, and successful enterprise.

We passionately unravel the misplaced historical manifestation of capitalism for today's economy.

As the sphere of human activity, producers of commodities and services are individuals and families, described Adam Smith in his book "The Wealth of Nations" in 1776. Coincidentally, in the same year, while writing the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson detailed the rights of individuals and the role of government. The combination of these two philosophies about the role of individuals gave rise to American free-market capitalism. Today, neither Adam Smith nor Thomas Jefferson could have projected replacing individuals with corporations acting as a person, which defies all principled logic. Read more...

We Mend the Philosophical Meanderings of Capitalism

We know morality is the principle of human conduct and the ability to distinguish between good and evil, right and wrong, and knowing that they are mutually exclusive. We also realize that capitalism is a moral socio-economic system. Most importantly, we understand that the value of morality, decency, civility, community value, and humanity's value are all interconnected. Once one is violated, the rest would unravel as we have been observing. That is the neglected and disregarded fact that as the defender of capitalism, we should never compromise.

The Neglected and Disregarded Flaws of Capitalism

Some employees are transitioning to become entrepreneurs, these days, by taking advantage of their skills and job experiences because they despise unfair remunerations. But many realize that leaving a relatively stable job with a regular paycheck to becoming an entrepreneur is a very challenging and arduous undertaking. Likewise, those who pursue discovering new business opportunities realize raising capital for a new venture is a complicated experiment. But the knowledge economy has created unprecedented opportunities for forward-thinking educated and skilled workers if they look for the right guidance. We help our clients to sift through blemishes implanted in economic institutions of capitalism.