About Us


Dr. K. Ken Shakoori

Dr. K. Ken Shakoori, a researcher, author, and business consultant, established the Edified Capitalist Organization. He is a passionate entrepreneur who retired from his university teaching position and a lifelong career in financial consulting to pursue his dream of helping the skilled and educated individual to pursue their American dream. Ken's passion for pursuing his new aspiration intensified when it became evident that educational attainment is no longer creates employment opportunities for upward social mobility for the accomplished and educated workforce. Consequently, he relied on his many years of research, which culminated in a simple but practical solution for operationalizing the just distribution of value workers create for the financial capitalist. He concluded that justifiable income distribution could only happen when the educated workforce harnesses their own power to transform the relationship between the financial capitalists and the skilled and educated workforce, which led him to formulate the "Edified Capitalist Organization," designed exclusively for skilled and educated individuals ready to secede from the old way of thinking and interested in conceiving a new form of business organization.

Consulting Team

Our senior consultants train and support the dedicated professional teams who treat each other as edified capitalists interested in conceiving their own Edified Capitalist Organization structured to cultivate an environment of genuine trust among members for creativity, determination, and successful enterprise. Upon forming the organization, we serve our clients as a short-term partner and financial strategists; at no upfront cost to our clients and commit our own risk capital.

Our Philosophy

As business and financial strategists, we understand that our decisions can have a wide-ranging and enduring impact on the client we serve and society at large. Thus, we operate with a long-term perspective, willing to commit our own money and time to build business relationships that last for years. Consequently, all our business decisions and our interactions with our clients are guided by respect, responsibility, and stewardship—the principles of a sustainable relationship.