Edified Capitalist Organization©

Business organizations are systems of arrangements and contracts binding financial investors, workers, and other stakeholders. Unlike traditional business companies, Edified Capitalist organizations do not have employees. The financial and edified capitalists form a partnership to manage and operate a business and share profits based on the value they contribute to the company. To that end we:

  1. Estimate the economic value of each edified capitalist bring to an organization,
  2. Determine the fair /economic value of the target enterprise, and
  3. Ascertain the proportion of the value contributed by the financial and edified capitalists for fair distribution of value they create.

Social Benefits of Edified Capitalists Organization

Human capital is a crucial factor for the expansion and contraction of economic growth. So, we are dedicated to assisting edified capitalists in establishing organizations that reinvigorate capitalism's authentic culture. We want to remind the leaders of pecuniary institutions of capitalism that:

  1. A happy workforce lay the foundation of a happy society,
  2. Ownership or having a stake in a business is the best way to minimizing income inequality and creating wealth,
  3. Corporate greed is divisive and moves the workforce toward socialism,
  4. An innovative free-market economy enables the entire workforce to have some sense of belonging, a sense of purpose, a sense of control, and the ability to make decisions,
  5. Collaboration among team members in any organization create equal opportunities to participate and communicate their thoughts and philosophies, is an excellent foundation for innovation,
  6. Democracy as a way of life works only when all citizens individually and collectively involved in shaping the future, which includes the work environment,
  7. Capitalism survives and flourishes if owners of physical capitals act according to American Ideals,
  8. Without individual responsibility, democracy falters; without democracy, there is no freedom; without freedom, there is no capitalism,
  9. As entrepreneurs, edified capitalists will not turn against capitalism and embrace socialism,
  10. The political and social philosophy of individualism is grounded on the individuals' moral worth, not their dishonesty and immorality. Read more…