Edified Capitalist Platform

Sometimes a unique and simple solution to a historical problem is hard to believe because we are stuck with old ways of thinking. Therefore, we vigorously show our clients how to secede from traditional organizations and show them how to conceive their desired free-market initiatives. For that purpose, we established the "Edified Capitalist Platform (ECP)" to act as a conduit for the ground-up grassroots movement, without government involvement. This movement, geared toward persuading the educated workforce - Edified Capitalists - to:

  • Reject the notion that as employees, they are a cost of production like other supplies,
  • Claim they are edified capitalists since they cannot be separated from their knowledge, skills, health, and core values,
  • Accept a mutual consent to enter into a collaborative working relationship, and
  • Establish organizational structure capable of incentivizing everyone to improve productivity and efficiencies through knowledge management among team members and networked entities.

The grassroots movement will help each member present his/her skills, strength, and expectation. The ECP coordinators examine each individual's working style, values, and thinking before forming a collaborative team. Upon creating a collaborative team, our analysts conduct in-depth research of the client's market and industry and learn about the team's business objectives and expectations. As a business strategist, our consulting team serves as short-term partners by outlining the company's value drivers and preparing the Request for Financial capital Letter.