Our Perspective

The American system of capitalism has been overwhelmed by a conspicuous national political culture that favors opulent and powerful corporations inhibiting the civic culture of maintaining and promoting enduring democracy. As a result, we have been on a crusade to mobilize skilled and educated individuals to become edified capitalists.

  1. Becoming entrepreneurs,
  2. Operating their business,
  3. Making a long-term investment decision,
  4. Determining business risks, and most importantly
  5. Cultivating democracy as a way of life in the workplace.

Transient partnership

Our analysts and consultants work as transient partners for every client by:

  1. Assist registered members of our Edified Capitalist Platform in forming a collaborative team and examining various organizational structures suitable for fulfilling their goals and objectives,
  2. Conduct in-depth research of the client's market and industry,
  3. Outlining value drivers of the business and preparing a comprehensive business plan,
  4. Preparing the Request for Financial Investor Letter, when appropriate,
  5. Estimating the total economic value edified capitalists and financiers bring to the organization, and
  6. Determining a fair and realistic income distribution between investors and edified capitalists.

As business strategists, our consulting team serve as short-term partners for the client by

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